Swine Disease Reporting System

Swine Disease Detection Dashboards

Aggregate swine diagnostic data describing dynamics of pathogen detection by PCR-based assay over time, specimen, age group, and geographical area.

How to Cite

If you use data provided by ISU PRRSView in your work, please credit the following works:

  • Zeller MA, Saxena A, Sharma A, Trevisan G, Zhang J, Harmon K, Gauger, PC. ISU PRRSView (data retrieved 27 Nov, 2022).
Citation for lineage classification

  • Paploski IAD, Corzo C, Rovira A, Murtaugh MP, Sanhueza JM, Vilalta C, Schroeder DC, VanderWaal K. 2019. Temporal Dynamics of Co-circulating Lineages of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus. Frontiers in Microbiology 10.
  • Paploski IAD, Pamornchainavakul N, Makau DN, Rovira A, Corzo CA, Schroeder DC, Cheeran MC-J, Doeschl-Wilson A, Kao RR, Lycett S, VanderWaal K. Phylogenetic Structure and Sequential Dominance of Sub-Lineages of PRRSV Type-2 Lineage 1 in the United States. Vaccines. 2021; 9(6):608.

Restriction Enzyme Cut Sites

List of Restriction Enzymes Cut Sites

This Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus project (ISU PRRSView) uses Open Reading Frame 5 (ORF5) sequencing to identify cut patterns and cut pattern indices.


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